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Ativan and Alcohol. Are These Two Compatible?

 Mixing of prescription drugs with alcohol is one of the common reasons people get into the hospital. Does Ativan and alcohol mix fall under the category of hazardous interactions? Let’s see.

Ativan and Alcohol: a Dangerous Mixture

              Regardless of what kind of drugs people use for treatment, they don’t stop their social life. Therefore, it’s not rare that some serious prescription-only drugs with a bunch of possible side effects get mixed with all sorts of alcohol-containing beverages. But is it safe in terms of using Ativan? What are the dangers hidden in a glass of beer drank after taking this pill? Let’s find it out here and now.

Ativan. What Kind of Drug It Is?

              The active substance contained in each Ativan tablet is called lorazepam. This medication is of the group of benzodiazepines. These preparations are applied in patients with certain psychological and mental health issues. It showed to be effective in the therapy of severe anxiety, and insomnia. Besides, they are effective in the treatment of epilepsy (particularly seizures provoked by this disease) and some types of withdrawal syndromes, including alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

              Ativan induces a sedative effect and is known to have the potential for abuse. For this reason, its maximum term of intake shouldn’t exceed four weeks though for the majority of patients a maximum of two-week intake is recommended.

Why Mixing Ativan and Alcohol Is a Bad Idea?

              To understand the hazards of the alcohol-Ativan interaction, just imagine that you’ve taken the double of the prescribed dose of Ativan. What do you think the effects will be like?

              Ativan acts as a nervous system depressant. It affects the GABA neurotransmitter activity (which is inhibitory in its nature), thus promoting calming, seductive effects. The effects of alcohol on the human organism are similar to those induced by lorazepam. Therefore, when both are taken together, they work in synergy, strengthening the effects of each other.

              The result of such an interaction is often unpredictable. A person may have a blackout, gaps in memory, impaired thinking, and loss of control over your behavior. However, these are only a few of the possible outcomes of mixing alcohol and lorazepam.

What Are the Dangers of Such an Interaction?

              As both the drug and alcohol induce similar effects of the CNS, a person taking such a mixture risks developing severe side effects to Ativan. Among them are:

  • Shallow breathing;
  • Irregular breathing activity;
  • Slowed heart rate;
  • Extremely low blood pressure leading to dizziness and loss of consciousness;
  • Inability to concentrate;
  • Decreased cognitive function.

Depending on the person’s health condition, the dose of the drug taken, and the amount of alcohol drunk, the harmful effects may get worse. Cardiac arrest, coma, and death are not excluded.

Alcohol-Ativan Long-Term Dangers

              It should be kept in mind that once trying to mix alcohol with lorazepam, you risk developing the health issues that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The major health problems associated with the interaction of these two substances are related to the liver and heart.

              Both alcohol and lorazepam are metabolized by the liver. Therefore, their concomitant intake significantly increases the load on the organ. By the way, it’s quite often that lorazepam and alcohol are mixed by people who have already had problems with substance abuse. Thus, their liver can already be affected, which significantly increases the risks of hepatic failure.

              In case your experiment with concomitant use of alcohol and Ativan results in cardiac arrest or some other heart health issues, the problems with the organ will stay with you forever.

              Summing up, you should never even think of mixing alcohol with Ativan or any other benzos as the game is not worth the candles. Having made a mistake once, you risk dealing with its outcomes for the rest of your life, of course, if you’ll stay alive. So stay away from alcohol when on Ativan.

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