Chef Ray - Churchhill Natural MeatsChef Raymond Haymes
Chef Raymond graduated from Niagara College Culinary Arts program in 2002 with Honours. It was here that Raymond through Niagara College’s state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified chef faculty was able to receive practical hands-on training and the theoretical knowledge required to work as a Chef in today's growing and demanding food service industry. Raymond later went on to successfully attain the government standard, Inter-Provincial Red Seal Certificate which recognizes him as a Chef across Canada.

Chef Raymond trained under various local Chefs, including Werner Hauer at the prestigious Tradewinds Restaurant in Fonthill. It was under Chef Werner that Raymond gained extensive knowledge and experience before moving on with his career and completing an Internship at Cherry Hill Golf & Country Club in Fort Erie. It was here that he excelled as an Executive Sous Chef and presided under the internationally known Chef Emil Rinderlin.

Chef Ray - Churchhill Natural MeatsChef Raymond soon realized his lifelong dream which his family also shared, and found his roots back in Fonthill where he and his family opened Churchhill Natural Meats. It is here that Raymond is able to showcase his talent and serve customers with the finest tasting naturally-raised, drug and hormone free meats around.

Amongst his other talents Chef Raymond also possesses an advanced knowledge of sanitation and food safety, food preparation, food presentation, resource management, menu management, the use of wine, liquor and spirits in cooking, and excellent communication skills. Raymond is also trained and certified in Health and Safety. Come on in and say hello to Chef Raymond today, it would be his pleasure to serve you.

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