Chef Raymond – Meat Manager

A cornerstone of Churchhill Natural Meats, Chef Raymond is both a part owner and our meat manager. Raymond is a nationally accredited chef (Interprovincial Standards Red Seal) with a degree from Niagara College’s Culinary Arts Program, and has trained under Werner Hauer at the prestigious Tradewinds Restaurant in Fonthill, as well as the internationally renowned Chef Emil Rinderlin. Raymond procures and prepares our meat, creates countless recipes, and enjoys serving the finest quality products to our customers.

Wendy – Company President

Not only is Wendy a part owner of Churchhill Natural Meats, but she is also our company president. Wendy manages the grocery and deli departments, takes care of Churchhill’s administrative and purchasing needs, and is essential to our recipe creation process. In fact, Wendy has designed many of our staple store-made meals (she’s the mom behind “Mom’s Meat Lasagna”)! 

Mark – General Manager

Mark is a part owner of Churchhill Natural Meats, as well as our maintenance aficionado. He takes care of all things technical, ensuring the store runs smoothly. There is not a problem Mark can’t fix. When he is not putting his handyman skills to use, Mark also enjoys serving customers as well as cutting and preparing our finest quality meats.

Paul – Assistant Manager

Paul has been with us from the very beginning, and is Chef Ray’s right-hand man. Between recipe creation, meat preparation, and customer service, Paul is an integral part of Churchhill Natural Meats. He is also a meat and seafood expert, and is very involved in curation and ordering. Using his expertise and creativity, Paul enjoys serving and advising our customers.


Alicia is a “Jill of all trades,” as she has a hand in almost everything that goes on at the store. She is a sausage maker, recipe creator (including meat pies, salad dressings, and more!), and customer service expert. Alicia’s creativity, versatility, and strong work ethic make her an indispensable part of Churchhill Natural Meats. 


Angela is our “Queen of the Kitchen,” working behind the scenes to make sure our food is prepared to the highest standard. Angela prepares soups, salads, and store-made meals. She also contributes recipes and lends a hand where needed. We couldn’t do what we do without support staff working hard behind the scenes! 

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